Getting Results: Schley Street "Canal"

"The street was pretty bad. There were ridges and stones were all over the street..."

The folks who live on the 1800 block of Schley were ecstatic when Streets department crews showed up back in May to repave their crumbling asphalt.

"When it was done, it looked beautiful, but it just wasn't done right..."

That's putting it mildly.

"The job was horrible. It was all divot-y, there was pitch-patches all over the place."

And because the paving was poorly pitched, every rain storm produced ponding- puddles that extended into driveways.

So the City came out and dug up this outer strip-- about a 90 foot stretch-- and repaved it.

It still wasn't right. So around mid-June, crews dug it up again.

Only this time, they never came back!

"A little kid went in the hole two weeks ago, He was riding his bike and-"

"Went off the edge."

"Yeah, the edge into the curb, into the hole."

Neighbors say Streets department crews came by as recently as a month ago, to measure and take pictures, but not to fill the trench and repave the strip.

"What are my taxes doing? Where's the money going? Pay enough of 'em."

To add insult to injury, the trench cost the block at least half a dozen parking spots.

Finally, they had had enough of the Schley Street Canal...

"You guys reached out to us, why?"

"Because nobody's giving us any help."

I fired off an email to the Streets department-- along with a photo of the mess.

And less than two hours later, I got my promise: crews will return within two weeks to complete the asphalt adjustment to allow for proper drainage.

A spokeswoman for the department apologized for the summer long delay.

"What do we think- two weeks- we'll give them two weeks?"

"Yeah, we'll give them two weeks -- we waited four months-- why not two weeks?-- before the first snowfall. That seems reasonable."