Girl who lost legs after train accident honored at 76ers game

The Philadelphia 76ers played their home opener Friday, but the real star was off the court.

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12-year-old Sienna Ward flashes her dimpled smile at center court receiving the Sixers' "Strong Kid of the Game" award and a personalized jersey from Markelle Fultz.

The Sixers gave her VIP treatment for her progress after losing both of her legs from a train accident in June.

"I just try to stay positive and not try to think about what happened but think about the future," she said.

She enjoyed getting a bag of Sixers goodies and a meet-and-greet with the dance team.

Dancing has been Sienna's love since she was 2 years old. Being at the game tonight is one of many things she enjoys since being released from the hospital on August 16.

"Going places with my friends in school again," she said. I just spend my time doing fun things. When I was in the hospital I couldn't do nothing, really."

Her mother, Natasha, says community support has helped a lot during Sienna's recovery.

"When I told her that she would be honored today, she was excited like, 'Oh I'm a celebrity.'"

Sienna still has therapy and is doing everything she has to do to get prepared for prosthetics, which is one of many reason the Sixers wanted to honor her.

"To honor youth that have shown great perseverance and determination in overcoming challenges. Whatever they may be. Sienna truly exemplifies that energy and courage," said Amy Hever. She's the Executive Director of Community Engagement for the Sixers.

Friday was even more special because it's Sienna's first time going to a Sixers game.

Her mother is proud.

"Just watching her, seeing her work through everything that she has to work through has made me stronger. She hasn't shown any weakness so I can't show any weakness."