Going Green: Former Eagle Connor Barwin goes solar at Philadelphia home

When Connor Barwin suited up for the Philadelphia Eagles, he was known for playing with a lot of energy. 

Now, away from the field, he's dedicating a lot of his life to another form of energy he truly believes in – solar energy. 

He's doing it all while helping Philadelphia's youth at the same time. 

"I've been thinking about solar for a long time, but the economics now make sense," Barwin told FOX 29 Photojournalist Dave Eitzen.


Barwin recently had solar panels installed on his Philadelphia home that he says will help power everything from his lights to his fridge, and even his car – a Tesla. 

"Certain days, PECO is going to be paying me, cause I'm going to be sending so much energy back to the grid, which is what we should be doing.

WATCH: Former Eagle Connor Barwin going green with solar energy, giving back

On the day of the install, the special assistant for the Philadelphia Eagles threw on a harness and a hard hat and helped with the install. 

"The fact that you can offset 100% of your bill, if conditions are right, that just speaks to me, especially because I grew up in a lower, moderate-income neighborhood," explained Solar States Project Manager Marc Shackelford-Rowell. "When you live in these neighborhoods that are economically depressed, and solar fills that gap. Not only are you providing green jobs, but you're giving people a chance to change their life."

"I love the fact that there's real jobs getting created around this new green economy," Barwin said. "I'm seeing it in my house, in my yard today."



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