Good Samaritan makes $15K donation to Camden little league after theft

(North Camden Little League)

In Camden County, an anonymous donor has lent a helping hand to a local little league in the wake of a large-scale burglary.

On Friday, FOX 29 reported on thieves who police say ransacked North Camden Little League’s snack stand, walking away with a grill, freezer, refrigerators, food and more.

The snack stand acts as a major funding source for the league, which features 675 players.

The burglary set the league back significantly just before the start of the season.

“It has a definite impact on our league and operations and ability because we’re a challenged city, economically,” coach Bianca Byrd told FOX 29.

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Suspect in North Camden Little League burglary.

A suspect is pictured pushing kitchen equipment stolen from the North Camden Little League.

Police say the truck pictured was used in connection with the burglary.

After the league’s story aired, an anonymous good Samaritan came forward and donated $15,000 to replace the stolen equipment.

The North Camden Little League expressed its gratitude for the gesture on Facebook.

"Through it all The North Camden Little League remains strong and will continue the mission of serving Camdens youth and providing families with a low cost non cost option to accomplish the vision," North Camden Little League wrote. "Thank you again to all who have reached out and supported this great effort."

The league has also raised more than $4,000 through its CrowdRise fundraising campaign.

North Camden Little League.