Good Samaritan says he ended up in a jail cell after helping shooting victim

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A Good Samaritan says he witnessed a shooting and then raced the victim to the hospital. However, what he said happened next left him stunned.

He doesn't want to be identified, but he works six days a week in a popular Old City establishment. Last Saturday night, he headed home from work, parking his truck on the block where he lives in South Philadelphia. Suddenly, he saw something he'd never seen before.

"Then pop, pop, pop, pop. The guy inside the car, they shoot at the guy. The guy I know . He's my neighbor," he told FOX 29.

Stunned by the shooting of his neighbor, he got out to help. So this would-be Good Samaritan put the man in his truck and raced him to Methodist Hospital. He was bleeding heavily. He yelled for help. Firefighters who were there and doctors quickly took the wounded man inside.

"I'm trying to be a nice guy. Help my neighbor," he explained.

Police arrived quickly. First, they thanked him for being a Good Samaritan, then they questioned him about the shooting. He says he told them exactly what he saw.

A few minutes later police handcuffed him, placed him in a squad car and took him to South Detectives where he was placed in a cell for three hours.

A short time later, he was released. Upset by the actions of police, he now has second thoughts about what he might do the next time he witnesses a crime.

Our Good Samaritan says he has no prior record--not even a ticket. Police did drive him back to the hospital to get his truck. He was so upset he didn't sleep for several days. Philadelphia police tell us they are looking into the incident. We will bring you their response as soon as we get it. The shooting victim is recovering.