Good Samaritans lift SUV off 9-year-old girl pinned in crash

Good Samaritans banded together to lift an SUV off a 9-year-old girl after a crash in Southwest Philadelphia.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson was back in the neighborhood to shine a light on the rescuers.

"This white car came really fast and then me and Mayana slid across the street because the car hit us so hard," Ariana told FOX 29.

It always makes the news when something happens and neighbors are more concerned about pulling out their phones and putting it on social media then doing something about it. So it should also be news when there's a potential tragedy and all people think about is helping.

"I got up and I was trying to get my sister to get up but it was too late the car had gone over her two times," Ariana explained.

10-year-old Ariana and her 9-year-old sister Mayana were walking to the store a block from their house when they were both hit by an SUV Sunday in Southwest Philly. Ariana was lucky with only minor injuries but Mayana was not only run over twice but also pinned under the wheel.

"I was feeling very worried because, you know. That's my sister."

Almost immediately neighbors stepped in to help.

"All these men had to pick up the car and get my sister out under the car because the tire was on top of her."

It was the kind of courage that everyone hopes they would have but these neighbors did it. Malachi Thompson was one of the Good Samaritans who lifted the car and freed 10-year-old Mayana.

Malachii and all of the others moved to action simply because they saw a neighbor in need. At the time, he had no idea how personal their help would actually be to him and his family.

"After they pulled her from under there, I went to go look and see who it was and when I looked it was my little cousin and I just was stuck," Malachi said.

9-year-old Mayana is still in critical condition. The family appreciates the thoughts and prayers. But we all appreciate the people who didn't think or hesitate when they saw a little girl in need they just helped, for goodness sake.