Gov. Carney urges vaccination amid rise in COVID cases

Delaware Governor John Carney revived his public COVID briefing Tuesday to urge residents of The First State to get their vaccine and booster shots as cases rise.

Carney expressed concern for young people in Delaware who he said are becoming infected at faster rates than other age groups.

"Young adults 18 to 34 are really under-vaccinated just under 50% or lower in Kent and Sussex Counties," he said.

Carney reported Delaware is seeing a 7-day new case average of nearly 573 cases with 200 lives lost to the virus. Delaware saw a dramatic rise in COVID infections from late November to early December.

Ten-year old Matthew Moccia arrived at the state-run COVID vaccine clinic in Canby Park in Wilmington Tuesday with his mother. 

"I’m scared because most people getting a second shot feel bad, but mom says I’ll be fine," he explained.

Jennifer Moccia, Matthew’s mom, looked on as her son stuck out his arm for his shot. 

She said, "I’m just excited he’ll have an increased immunity to have the shot and hopefully continue to go to school and be safe and healthy."

Jennifer’s thoughts are music to the ears of state officials who continue to urge residents to get vaccinated. Just over 61% of Delaware residents are fully vaccinated. 

Matthew hopes the vaccine will keep him seeing his pals at school. 

"It will definitely make me feel better. I won't have to stay home again," he said.



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