Gov. Shapiro's Eagles hoodie offer sparks mixed reactions following Danelo Cavalcante capture

Of all the topics to make it into a press conference about the capture of a fugitive in Chester County, the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn't typically make the list.

However, that was the case Wednesday when Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro made an unexpected offer to one specific Eagles fan.

"Folks, whoever had their Eagles hoodie stolen, let us know. I'll do my best to get you one of the new Kelly Green ones, okay?" the governor announced.

Danelo Cavalcante was wearing the mentioned Eagles hoodie when he was caught and taken into custody after 14 days on the run. 


Danelo Cavalcante plotted to carjack vehicle, flee the country as manhunt intensified: source

Recaptured murderer Danelo Cavalcante told investigators he planned to carjack a vehicle and flee the country as he felt the manhunt intensify around him, law enforcement sources said. 

The convicted killer acrobatically escaped Chester County Prison on August 31 and sparked a frantic two-week-long manhunt that involved hundreds of law enforcement agents and terrorized quiet rural communities west of Philadelphia. He was apprehended Wednesday, then transferred to a state prison where he will serve out his life sentence.

Photos of the convict donning the stolen Eagles gear flooded social media following his capture, and now people are reacting to Shapiro's offer to replace it.

While some found it funny, others criticized the governor's comments: