Granddaughter arranges makeover for grandmother given 90 days to live

A makeover for a good cause. One woman, feeling empowered, wants other women to feel the same way.

A grandmother is in the battle of her life. But, her granddaughter says she's been inspiring and helping other people for so long that she wanted to do something to not only make her feel appreciated, but to keep fighting.

"March 6, my grandmother was told she had 90 days to live. This is her second time having cancer. The first time it was breast cancer, this time it's Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I too am a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma," said Nadirah, Pastor Slyester Kennedy's granddaughter.

That's way more struggle than one family should have to deal with and most would understand if they just went into a shell of self-pity, but that's not how this family functions.

"We thought it would be really good to kind of lift her spirits a little bit and hopefully inspire someone. We don't want her to give up," Nadirah explained.

We were there because Nadirah reached out to a friend to arrange a makeover for her grandmother. Because she knew first hand every bit of inspiration helps.

"A part of making her feel good today will be her appearance. Looking in the mirror and saying 'Wow, I look beautiful' because she hasn't felt that way in a long time," Nadirah stated.

As the makeover began, Pastor Slyester Kennedy was welcoming, smiling through her pain and fully committed to kicking cancer's butt, yet again.

"I sat in my bed and said 'God, you hear what they tell me? What do you want to do with this? If you want me to come home, I'll come home.' He said 'I want you to fight,' so the fight's been on," Pastor Kennedy said.

Even with a grim prognosis, Pastor Kennedy amazed us all with what she wanted to focus on.

"We came here to talk about how to help and inspire her and she wants to talk about helping everybody else. I have a program called Hannah House that we empower homeless women," Pastor Kennedy stated.

The morning was filled with conversation about how Pastor Kennedy constantly administers to others, including the people at the nursing facility she recently stayed in for a month.

"I said be encouraged, that's my 2 words, be encouraged. Because every closed door isn't a permanent one," said Pastor Kennedy.

She inspired everyone there.

The makeover clearly made Pastor Kennedy feel better.

"Well, Honey, you better go ahead and step back," said Nadirah.

Meeting her made everyone feel better. The world needs more selfless and inspiring people like Pastor Slyester Kennedy, for goodness' sake.