Grieving husband reacts after wife, 65, shot, killed during ‘neighborhood dispute’: police

Authorities say a 65-year-old woman was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon during a what police called a "neighborhood dispute" turned barricade situation.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department were called to the 7100 block of Montague Street before noon for reports of gunshots during an argument.

The victim, who has not been identified, was found suffering from gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at the crime scene by medics.

The victim's husband, Robert Shinn, came home from grocery shopping and soon found his wife of 37 years out in the back of the home, down their basement steps.

"You weren’t here when she was shot and killed?" FOX 29’s Steve Keeley asked.

"No, I just looked down and happened to see her," Shinn replied.

I noticed the door was open and looked down and saw that she was laying down there. I thought she fell."

He found out from the police she was shot and killed and their next-door neighbor, the suspect, was barricaded in his home, until police eventually got him in custody. Police then entered the property with a warrant. Sources say a gun was found.

Just the day before, the Shinn’s had a confrontation with their next-door neighbor that got physical.

Shinn described the scene, "He told us we stole his iPad. And, went on some kind of rant. Wanted to fight me. He pushed her, yes."

"Did the police come?" Keeley inquired.

"Yes," Shinn answered.

"And what did the police tell you yesterday?" Keeley asked.

"To fill out a report," Shinn answered. "He said, ‘I got something for ya.’ I didn’t know he had a gun."

Neighbors say the 65-year-old victim and the 64-year-old in custody had a long-running feud.

Anne Marie Woltemate explained the situation, "Him and the neighbor just did not get along. They picked at each other and it just got progressively worse over time. I knew it was gonna come to a head eventually."

Shinn added, "I went down and gave her CPR till the ambulance came and they tried CPR. It’s like a bad dream."

A full investigation is underway.