Group backing Jeff Brown's mayoral run agrees to halt spending on campaign amid collusion allegations

An outside political group raising millions in support of mayoral candidate Jeff Brown has agreed it will not spend any more money to impact Philadelphia’s campaign for mayor. 

The move comes after the Board of Ethics accused the group of colluding with Brown in violation of city campaign rules.

In FOX 29’s mayoral debate earlier this month, candidate Jeff Brown said he did not collude with the outside group named "For A Better Philadelphia." 

"The important thing is that the contribution limits are being obeyed, that we are addressing the body’s allegations of violations of the contribution limits with this agreement," Executive Director of the city's Board of Ethics Shane Creamer said.

He added that under the agreement, Brown is getting not advantage.

Meanwhile, lawyer for "A Better Philadelphia" said Brown attended a dinner during which he "may have made some phone calls," but they do not believe his actions qualify as collusion. For now, any finding of a possible violation of city campaign rules will be made after the election.


"From our perspective, (Brown) came to a dinner he may have made some phone calls, but we don’t believe that rises to any type of collusion or coordination," the lawyer said. 

Big money from outside political groups has flooded the mayoral campaign to the tune of some $5M. Candidates Cherelle Parker, Helen Gym, Rebecca Rhynhart and Brown have all benefited.