Hank's Take: City plans to move Kensington bridge encampments

Hundreds of homeless people in Philadelphia will soon have to find another place to live.

That's because the city is moving everybody out of an encampment in Kensington by the end of the month.

It's part of an effort to clean up the city.

So, we sent out our reporter Hank Flynn to find out: Will this really help?

The notice the city's moving everybody out of here in less than a month is underneath the Kensington and Lehigh bridge.

According to a statement, City Hall says it will be bringing services like access to treatment identification, recovery and transportation, including an outreach van for medical services. Personal property left behind will be stored for retrieval for a month.

"Hank's Take" is: They're going to clear it all out, but they're not solving any problems - not by a long shot.

He's got more details in the video report above. To watch more "Hank's Take" reports, click here.