Heat Hotline in full effect this weekend in Philadelphia

The heat hotline is fired up and the calls are coming in on day 5 of the fifth heat wave of the season.

Chris Gallagher with Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging said, "I think its important people realize how dangerous this is."

Chris Gallagher of the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging is urging people without air conditioning to get out of the house -- go to the mall - ride a SEPTA bus or stop by a city senior center - Gallagher wants to keep people safe as temperatures rise to dangerous highs.

Check on your neighbors - and if you're not feeling like yourself - call the heat hotline to talk to a nurse on-duty.

"Drink plenty of liquids - light clothing, light activity."

Despite the steamy morning sun - dedicated joggers trekked up and down the art museum steps Sunday - we also saw people hitting the track in Hunting Park -- working out early and keeping an eye on your body is key.

Doug Gouchoe from Washington Square said, "Gotta hydrate - drink Gatorade - definitely going in the early morning hours helps - if it was noon I wouldn't be out here."

High school freshman Desean Anderson also ready to break from b-ball court after hours of shooting hoops.

"I'm probably gonna go to the house - by the A/C - it's really hot."

By mid-morning even cars wanted to cool off from the blazing heat -- on an open fire hydrant in North Philadelphia provided a refreshing drive through for some.

As long as the heat warning remains in effect -- the Heatline will be up and running - that number is 215-765-9040.