Live Nation is selling tickets to Philadelphia area concerts for $25. Here's how to get them.

Concert tickets are expensive. Such as the ones people paid to see Taylor Swift this coming weekend here in Philadelphia - or Beyoncé, who kicks off her tour in Stockholm this week. But there's a way to get cheap tickets to some big shows for just $25. 

Through Live Nation's Concert Week, which runs May 10-16, a select list of concerts will be posted right here on Live Nation's website. When a show is selected look for the type of ticket labeled "Concert Week Promotion" and from there, you can add the $25 tickets to your shopping cart. 

Concert tickets are limited and if you aren't seeing it - it likely isn't available. Further, while concert week runs May 10-May 16, the concerts are taking place throughout the year. Live Nation also posted a FAQ on Twitter

Concert Week is not limited to the Philadelphia area - if you are traveling or know people in other cities, they too can take advantage of this offering. 

Live Nation owns Ticketmaster, which has been plagued with issues for a number of years - most recently involving Taylor Swift ticket purchases which has led some fans to take the company to court.