Here’s the best fake Spirit Halloween costume memes to inspire your Spooktober outfits

Memes are becoming spookier. This Halloween, doctored images of Spirit Halloween costumes have flooded the internet making everyone think a little outside the box for this Spooktober. 

While the meme originally started in 2019, according to the online meme history database Know Your Meme, the trend really picked up steam this year. 

So in case you can’t think of what to dress up as this year or you and your significant other are having a hard time finding the perfect matching costume, FOX TV Stations has some of the best fake Spirit Halloween costumes for you. 

The perfect couples costume

The jump-scare costume

The meta costume

The scariest costume

The triggering costume

The pile it on Ye costume

The government-agency-gets-in-on-the-action costume

The wholesome costume

The sports related costume

The controversial costume