Hermine now a post-tropical storm, impact expected late Sunday into Monday

Hermine is now and will remain post tropical, however it is still a powerful storm and should intensify back to hurricane force winds overnight tonight and early Sunday morning.

The storm is large with a good portion of the northeast (Cape Cod to Cape May) experiencing or expecting to experience tropical storm force wind.


This large wind field can help to build up the water in the back bays over a period of time leading to worse and worse flooding with each high tide.

The storm will remain off the coast and intensify for a few days before moving out. This will increase the risk of major coastal flooding.

The storm is expected to turn north and come closest to the coast Sunday night and early Monday.

Even though it will begin to weaken at this time, the fact that it is getting closer will increase the impacts along the coast and inland.

The peak of the storm is expected to be Sunday night and Monday. The peak means that this is when we will experience the worst high tides, strongest wind, and heaviest rain.

Coastal flooding and wind damage will be the highest threat with heavy rain not making it too far inland. If it does then it should not be heavy enough to cause major flooding there given how dry the ground is.