'He's Very Trumpian': 'Outnumbered' on whether Biden is Dems' best hope in 2020

Is Joe Biden the Democrats' best hope for retaking the White House in 2020?

The "Outnumbered" hosts weighed in Monday after the New York Times reported that the former vice president is in the final stages of deciding on whether he will run for the nomination.

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns reported:

"He spent some of his Christmas vacation in the Virgin Islands calling and texting his would-be supporters and is using this week to hold private meetings in Washington with Democratic officials.

In one of his calls over the holidays, Mr. Biden repeated a variation of a line he has used publicly: "If you can persuade me there is somebody better who can win, I'm happy not to do it," he said, according to the Democrat he spoke to, who shared the conversation on condition of anonymity to discuss a private talk.

But then Mr. Biden said something he has not stated so bluntly in public: "But I don't see the candidate who can clearly do what has to be done to win.""

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