High school freshman builds park bench to memorialize her friend

The Detective Christopher Jones Memorial park is a great place to take your dog for a walk or a place for kids to play.

But right next to the baseball diamond there is something a little different and it was put there by a 15-year-old kid.

"For me personally, when I first sat on the bench for the first time, it just felt like he was closer to me knowing that this area was meant for him," said high school freshman Dylan Beegal.

A couple of years ago, Dylan Beegal's friend Pat passed away suddenly while he was on summer vacation. When it was time for Dylan to earn her girl scout silver award…she had an idea that would memorialize her friend.

"I knew that it would help everyone know that there was a place that you could go with undivided attention towards him," said Beegal.

So with her parents help and her good friend Grace, she got to work making a bench in Pat's honor.

"There were videos all over YouTube that I looked up and I did a little research about how to work with this stuff. My dad was a big help he taught me how to use a screw driver because 14 year olds aren't the best with that stuff," said Beegal.

She convinced the local Home Depot to donated most of the supplies. Native wild flowers along the bench's side were planted with care.

Dylan is not done. She recently organized a clothing drive at Neshaminy High school. Giving back to the community is something she learned at a young age.

"Treat everyone how you want to be treated. Treat everyone fairly and kind and be compassionate and caring," said Beegal.

Spoken like a true Girl Scout.