Highway signs honor of 18-year old West Chester girl shot to death driving

Two new signs are up over Route 100 in Chester County reminding drivers to "merge with mercy". The reminder is in honor of an 18-year-old who's life was cut too short.

"Every morning I wake up crying and this morning I woke up with so much joy in my heart," said Michelle Roberson. Today, is the best day she says she has had in almost 11 months since her daughter Bianca was taken from her.

"For the first time I think my heart starting beating in rhythm. I was so elated to see the sign with daughter's name on there," she said. She drove along Route 100 near Old Route 100 in Exton and saw two signs she fought eight months to get have finally been erected. Attached to 2 adopt-a-highway-signs is another sign that reads "In Honor of Bianca Roberson".

"Something I worked hard for that I got it done," she said. It was June of last year that police say David Desper shot 18-year-old Bianca in the head as she drove on Route 100 north of 202. Bianca's car then went off the road and crashed into a tree. Police say it happened after Desper and Bianca were trying to merge into the same lane. Michelle says that's why she wanted the words "merge with mercy" to go on the highway signs in memory of her daughter.

"Merging with mercy that we take time out to give people respect, treat people with dignity and treat people with compassion. If this person would have met my daughter, he would have liked her. He would have really liked her." Michelle says she hasn't been to the section of roadway where her daughter was killed since it happened. A memorial still sits there.

"I just cannot even fathom driving down the road and seeing where my daughter took her last breath," said Michelle who wears a necklace with pictures of Bianca and her son Mykel who died unexpectedly from Muscular Dystrophy just four years before Bianca was killed.

"My two angels in heaven. I miss them so much. I miss them so much," said Michelle. She says seeing the highway signs will help keep her going.

"Bianca's name will always be shown to other people so people will remember."

The trial for the man accused of killing Bianca was supposed to begin next month. It's now continued until September.