Hit-and-run caught on camera in Overbrook

A hit-and-run was caught on camera in the city's Overbrook section.

Shocked, Kimberly Coates says, as she tries to hold back the tears. She came outside her home at 75th and Woodbine Avenue in the city's Overbrook Park neighborhood Saturday morning to find her car looking like this. What happened to it was caught on her neighbor's video camera.

"I'm hearing impaired so we didn't hear the crash," she said.

A pickup truck slammed into the car she relies on. The driver then backed up and drove away. Now neighbors and police want to find that person.

"Someone took something from me and walked off. This is how I get to work every day. This is how I take my daughter back to school. I'm a single mom. I Uber for extra money. I can't do that anymore."

Some neighbors are furious. They've counted five crashes within a few blocks over the past couple of months, with drivers speeding and running red lights. And by the way, the crash happened in front of a bus stop.. and a school.

Huner Anwer stopped parking on 75th Street after seeing one too many accidents here.

"Cars driving by very fast and actually hitting cars that were parked," he explained.

One man, who asked we not identify him, had his parked car hit. He noticed it as he was leaving for work. Most of the damage has since been repaired.

"A dent on the right side panel of my car, and then when I looked closer, part of the fender was also damaged, and it was cracked around where the wheel hub is."

But for some, this is the last straw. They want speed bumps, more pedestrian signs, heavier police patrols, and for Kimberly, they want justice.