Home overrun with copperhead snakes

WEATHERFORD, TX (FOX 4 KDFW)- A couple in Weatherford is trying to keep dangerous snakes off their property.

Vicki Barnett said her family sees copperheads everywhere. They've killed close to 100 since last year.

The snakes went away when winter hit, but now they're back.

Barnett is worried about the safety of her pets and young grandchildren. Her 4-year-old grandson has even noticed the problem.

"He knows. He goes, 'Oh Momo's got a bunch of snakes.' And I said, 'Yes, Momo has a lot of snakes,'" she said.

A wildlife refuge employee told the family their yard is a perfect breeding ground.

They will try to burn down as much grass and debris as possible to hopefully slow down the problem.