Homeless man builds wooden house 'on wheels' on Hollywood Boulevard

A small wooden house built by a homeless man on Hollywood Boulevard is drawing a lot of attention from people passing by in one of Los Angeles' most popular neighborhoods.

The house has drawn mixed reactions from the people FOX 11 spoke with on camera in Hollywood. Some called it ridiculous, others don't see an issue with the wooden home with wheels attached at the bottom.

On Wednesday, FOX 11 spoke with "Q," the man who built the home. FOX 11 asked for an inside tour but Q politely declined, saying he didn't have a chance to clean up.

Q explained he previously lived in a tent but grew frustrated with the city's crews asking him to clear the area and take down the tent every two weeks.

"I had an idea to build something on wheels so that we wouldn't have to," Q said.

Using old wood tossed away by construction sites and thanks to help from his friends, Q was able to put together the wooden house "on wheels."

Q had been offered temporary housing from the city but has since declined the services. He said he prefers the makeshift home over the temporary hotel or tiny home options.

"It kind of gives me empowerment," Q told FOX 11.

He admits there are probably better living situations available to him, but Q doesn't plan of moving on from his wooden home.

"I don't think that I'm bothering anyone here," Q said, pointing to an empty nearby business.

FOX 11's Phil Shuman asked if he was happy with his living situation. This was Q's response:

"I feel good," Q told Shuman. "I feel like I'm, you know, kind of being an example for people that's in my situation. Letting them know that just because you are living on the streets doesn't mean that you have to just let go of everything."

Q told FOX 11 he does plan to move the home from his Hollywood Boulevard spot. He said the police ordered him to move by Thursday.