Homeless Veteran Brought To Tears By This Man's Act of Kindness

A homeless veteran broke down in tears after a kind-hearted stranger bought him his first meal in over a day.

Max Zahir was at a gas station when a veteran came up to him and asked him for spare change so he could buy food. He told Max that he had not eaten since the day before.

Max told the man to hop in his car and drove him to a fast food restaurant so he could get something to eat.

He offered to buy the down-on-his-luck veteran a meal everyday until he was able to get back on his feet.

"I go to work every day around 4:00 p.m., and if you meet me at that gas station I'm going to buy you lunch," Max told the homeless man while still at the drive thru.

"Bless you," the homeless man said while breaking down in tears, "Nobody showed me this much kindness in a while, thank you."

But that's not all; Max has also offered his new friend a job at his restaurant, Celebrities Sports Grill.

Max has started a GoFund Me page to raise money to buy sleeping bags and food for homeless veterans.

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