Homeless veteran's faith in humanity restored thanks to stranger

A local military veteran down on his luck is the type of story that touches so many Americans who just want to help.

Well, in this story, he found help from a complete stranger.

The vet was homeless and injured on the streets of Philadelphia.

He told FOX 29's Bill Anderson he couldn't even walk.

Then, he found a reason to fight, when a woman brought light into his life, showing him that people do care, #ForGoodnessSake

"Basically I would get up every morning, well I wouldn't get up, I would just wake up in my wheelchair, wheel to the corner, and panhandle, that was my days, that was all I did," John Lochlan explained.

Less than a year ago a man living on the streets had basically given up on society. During his time out there he had been shot, ignored while he panhandled and hit by a car leaving his spine severely damaged and his legs infected to the point where he couldn't even stand.

Then he met somebody who took the time to care.

"I was sitting there the first day and she asked if I needed a haircut. I said No, I'm good because I didn't really wanna deal with them, but two weeks later my hair was getting out of hand," John recalled.

Helping people is just what Lolly Galvin does. She founded Dignity Project to give haircuts, sleeping bags, toiletries whatever she can to the homeless. That day they cut John Lochlan's hair but over the next few weeks, a friendship began to develop.

"I would come and see him and be like how's the haircut going and he would be like good, thanks. I gave up on people, I really did. Then we saw him kind of deteriorating, we saw him in a wheelchair, he had an infection in his legs," Lolly said.

John had a serious infection and then got hit by a car leading to an untreated fractured spine. He lived in a wheelchair in pain. He was so beaten down that he didn't really care about himself but Lolly did.

Even with all of the people her organization helps, John was different

"I have never seen someone on the streets in the condition he was in, he was not doing well and I knew he wasn't doing well. It was kind of like he's not gonna make it if someone doesn't help him," Lolly explained.

With a friend, John found a reason to fight

"Somebody cared about me, somebody talked to me and really cared," John explained.

They got the infection treated, got major surgery to repair his back and showed everyone that with a little belief and support, he would do everything to walk again.

His recovery and rehab have been tough it had been years since John walked without pain but Tuesday he lived up to his word and walked all over the nursing home where he's recovering.

His back is healing largely thanks to someone who cared, a message that both Lolly and John wanted to reinforce.

"The message is if you give someone a little they can come around, my message is, don't ever give up on people because there's good people out there," John said.

John now has people from all over the world wishing him well on social media but what he really needs is permanent housing.

If you'd like to show your support check out the Dignity Project.