Horse Visits Hospice to Say Goodbye to His Cancer-Stricken Owner

LEXINGTON, Ky.--(INSIDE EDITION)-When Lisa Beech checked into a hospice, her family knew there was one sure way to bring a smile to her face.

After three weeks apart, the 49-year-old was visited by her beloved horse Jake in a touching reunion caught on camera.

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Lisa's daughter Amanda Sturgill said the idea came to her when doctors at Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky were giving her news she didn't want to hear.

"I was like, 'We're doing this,'" she said. "I texted friends asking them to go to my farm with a trailer."

They managed to get Jake to the parking lot and Lisa - who had no idea what was in store - was taken downstairs in a wheelchair. When she spotted the horse, she couldn't believe it.

"As soon as she saw him, she had tears falling down her face," Amanda said.

Jake recognized his owner, too.

"He hadn't made a peep the whole time we were there until he heard her talking," Amanda said. "His ears went back and his eyes got bigger. Usually you have to drag him along because he's lazy but he started marching."

Lisa, who has overcome cancer five times since she was a teenager, adopted Jake 16 years ago as his previous owner battled a terminal illness.

She initially visited the owner just to buy Jake's saddle but as soon as she clasped eyes on the horse, she knew she had to have him, Amanda said.

"Ever since she was a child, she always wanted to have an Appaloosa horse and he was exactly what she'd wanted," Amanda, 23, said. "She put a lot of hard work into him."

But Lisa got her sixth cancer diagnosis at the start of this year. Doctors gave her just months to live and she was placed into hospice care a few weeks ago.

Amanda says the visit from Jake improved her mother's spirits immensely.

For the first time in days, Lisa was able to swallow - and even requested wine and chocolate - and was well enough to have visitors all day. Amanda added that her mom is now barely waking up and cannot take visitors.

"We all believe that it helped her," Amanda said. "If it hasn't been for that horse, she would not have had that last good day."

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