‘Hot mic' reveals Biden's future may include Philadelphia

Vice President Joe Biden only has a few weeks left in office, and it seems he has no plans to slow down.

He may be moving from the White House to a new gig, here in our area.

Biden was overheard during Tuesday's Senate swearing-in.

A "hot mic" recorded him talking about a new job: starting a "Biden Trust" to aid his cancer-fighting campaign.

The project will be partially based out of the University of Pennsylvania.

Biden's comments were made in a one-on-one conversation, Tuesday.

It seems he didn't know the microphone was on.

Biden administered the oath of office to seven new senators, along with others who won re-election.

Biden remains president of the Senate until Trump becomes president Jan. 20; then Vice President-elect Mike Pence will take over.

Also at the Capitol, a new Kansas Congressman is dishing out discipline after his 17-year-old son pulled a dance move resembling a sneeze during a photo shoot with House Speaker Paul Ryan after the U.S. House of Representatives swearing-in ceremony.