Hours-old fawn rescued after deputies rush to her assistance

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office says that early last week, one of their own rescued a fawn after responding to reports of an alligator spotting.

They say that while Sgt. Todd Beuer was on patrol on the south end of Lake Andrews BLVD, he was stopped by a citizen who reported that there was an alligator in the roadway going into the new Bridgewater subdivision.

Sgt. Beuer is said to have traveled to the described area and noticed a small alligator in the roadway. As he removed the animal, he observed a small dawn in the grass. Beuer approached the fawn to check on its wellbeing, at which time the fawn raised her head and started to walk towards him.

The sheriff's office says that Beuer then noticed that the Fawn appeared to be undernourished and was barely able to stand up, so he wanted to try and get the fawn to someone who could help with saving the animal's life.

F.T.O. Rob Rowell and Deputy Elizabeth Perez-Underwood reportedly arrived on scene subsequently to help assist Sgt. Beuer, who had done everything he could to locate the fawn's mother. The team decided to transport the fawn to the Viera Animal Specialty and Emergency Hospital in an attempt to contact someone that could provide care.

The sheriff's office went on to say that the staff at the hospital immediately attempted several numbers, but had no success. However, Deputy Perez-Underwood said that she knew someone who may be able to assist with fawn and made contact with Heather of the Wild Florida Rescue.

Within minutes, Heather is said to have responded ot the scene and stated that the fawn was in dire need of food and medical attention. Heather advised that the fawn was only several hours old and without the mother or someone to care for it, the fawn would probably not survive through the night.

Heather reportedly told them that the Wild Florida Rescue had a doctor on site and the fawn would receive the attention it needed.

Several days later the sheriff's office was contacted by Heather. They say that Heather happily reported that the fawn had started the recovery process and appeared to be doing well as it was now in the care of a foster mama deer who could aid in helping save the fawn's life.

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