Hoverboards Catching Fire a Cause For Concern

There are few things like a big present. And this year, this could be the big gift that a lot of people get: A battery-operated hoverboard. But one current warning about them is unnerving.

"Store them away from combustibles so that if they do have problem, there is less of a likelihood of a fire spreading."

Not the words you want to hear about the newest kids toy in your house. But then, there have been numerous cases of hoverboards catching fire across the country.

"The consumer product safety commission is looking into the cause of these fires, but based on some of the preliminary reports I have seen, it looks to be a lithium ion battery problem."

"Right when she stood on it, it started sparking up making popping noises and she kind of freaked out."

That woman was talking about her sister's new hoverboard that caught fire as she tried to use it.

"So, she started dragging it to the front door, trying to get it outside, but before she was able to get it to the front door it almost exploded in her hands."

A quick search of YouTube turns up numerous cases of hoverboards catching fire- so many that Amazon has actually pulled some of the boards from its website. That's where Aaliyah Denny and her family got their new hoverboards.

"We're going to try and contact Amazon and try and tell them this is not safe, this nearly burnt our house down. And hopefully get our money back because we've only had them for a week," Marshall said.

Contra Costa County Fire Marshal Robert Marshall says there have been fires with other products that use lithium ion batteries, including laptops.

"If you are charging something that has a lithium ion battery, you should probably be in the room with it because there is enough of a problem with them that it can be problematic. If you're there, when the fire starts, then it's less likely to do as much damage."