Hundreds gather at Garden of Reflection for 9/11 tribute

2001 was a long time ago.

But people like Vietnam veteran Peter Flowers -- say we must always remember.

He and others with the Warriors Watch Riders stood at attention as people arrived tonight at the Garden of Reflection.

"Never forget what happened, and we gotta keep reminding. As bad as it hurts, we have to keep bringing it up."

11 torches were lit, each in memory of the people and events of that day, one for first responders, another for the moment a plane hit each tower.

Each torch, escorted by a 15 year old, born in 2001, and now stewards of the legacy. It'll one day be up to them to ensure 9/11 is never forgotten.

Each name was read of the 18 Bucks Countians killed... followed by the toll of a bell.

Nick Berger was eight years old when he lost his father, who died in the South Tower while helping others out, dedicating a song to all who were lost.

And a former police officer, writing a song.

Candles lit up the night sky, a remembrance in light ceremony.

"The announcing of the names, it was very emotional."

Folks of all ages seemed to feel the loss, even a fifth grader, who was born long after 9/11, still tried to comfort a crying friend.

"I felt bad for him so I said its gonna be ok, it's gonna be ok, and I felt so sad."