I-95 collapse: NTSB releases preliminary report on tanker crash that led to collapse

Federal officials have released details of their preliminary investigation into the tanker truck crash that resulted in the partial collapse of I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia. 

The National Transportation Safety Board released their preliminary report on Thursday afternoon. 

Nathan Moody, 53, was operating a 2017 International truck-tractor that was hauling a 2004 Heil Specification Package 406 tank-trailer. 

Moody was exiting I-95 northbound on the Cottman Avenue off-ramp while transporting 8,500 gallons of gasoline from Wilmington, Delaware to a gas station on Oxford Avenue in Philadelphia. 

The posted speed limit in that area of the interstate is 55 mph, and officials say the Cottman Avenue off-ramp was posted with a 25 mph speed limit and truck rollover warning sign. 


I-95 collapse: Truck driver involved in tanker crash identified by family

Family members have identified a man they say was driving a tanker truck at the center of the I-95 fire and collapse as a local father.

According to NTSB, the truck driver was ‘unable to maintain control’ of the vehicle on the off-ramp. The truck then rolled over and caught fire under the northbound lanes of the overpass. 

Moody was killed as a result of the crash.

The resulting fire also caused the northbound lanes of I-95 to collapse onto the off-ramp, and left the southbound lanes of I-95 with significant damage. 

Crews later determined that the southbound lanes were beyond repair and immediately began demolishing the remainder of the overpass. 

Construction teams then embarked on a mission to reopen the roadway to traffic as quickly as possible. Thanks to around the clock work, crews were able to fill the gap with a recycled glass aggregate and pave over that material to reopen six total lanes of traffic. 

That portion of the highway reopened to traffic just 12 days later. Crews are continuing to work on a more permanent solution that would reopen all eight original lanes.

The NTSB says all aspects of the crash remain under investigation while the NTSB determines a probable cause. They also intend to issue safety recommendations to prevent similar incidents.