'I'll sign a baby!': Delco dad takes to social media, asking Jason Kelce to sign his babies

From his Super Bowl parade speech, to his bartending stints down the shore, Eagles Center Jason Kelce has long been a Philly treasure on and off the field. Now, he’s got a new fan base that aren’t even old enough to talk.

From Bobby belting out Fly Eagles Fly to Spencer and Graham sporting Brandon Graham, to Delaney showing off her Eagles green, they are the youngest Eagles fans who have captured the heart of Jason Kelce, even becoming the topic of his podcast with his brother, Travis.

"I’ll sign a baby. Give me a baby. I’ll sign it. Yeah! Throw me that baby!" Kelce exclaimed.

The Eagles lovable center loves babies. Not just holding them, but autographing them. He signed a fans doll last week.

But, on his podcast, Kelce says he wants to sign the real thing. "Signed my name and Go Birds on the cheek. I personally hope this turns into a thing," Kelce said.


That declaration gave one Delco dad a wacky idea. George Guyer started posted TikTok videos every day to get Kelce’s attention to sign his 13-month-old twins.

"Day 17. This is Day 47. This is Day 54," Guyer posts on TikTok and, at 57 days, he is still at it, trying to get Kelce to sign Hanna and Charlie. Charlie sports his own Eagles helmet for medical reasons.

"I want Charlie’s helmet signed, but he [Kelce] can sign the forehead, the leg, the butt, the belly. Whatever he wants," mom Michelle Guyer explained.

So far, no word from Kelce, or his brother, on the baby signing. But, signing, or not, Kelce has a family of fans for life.

"Looks like a fun guy. That’s somebody that would be great to hang out with. Definitely a family guy," George commented. "Great friend of the city and we love him."