In your health: Drinking your mind away

Many are aware of the damaging effects heavy alcohol drinking has on the brain, liver and other organs. It's also well documented that a glass of wine or two a day may help your heart. But now, a study out of Britain is raising questions about how much is too much.

According to a British study looking at decades of drinking habits for people ages 43 and older, moderate drinkers may face the same health risks to the brain as heavy drinkers. In this case, moderate drinkers may have between eight and 12 small drinks per week of liquor, beer or wine.

"It can cause damage to the nerves in your brain in the front part the frontal cortex and in the back, which can lead to difficulty walking and memory," Dr. Mike Cirigliano of the University of Penn told Fox 29.

The effects of alcohol, however, really depend on one's individual genetic makeup.

"It's not one-size fits all," Dr. Cirigliano said. "Everyone has a peculiar genetic profile."

"We are working on that right now to be able to tell which person is at higher risk than the other."

According to Dr. Cirigliano, American researchers are working on how to determine who might be at a higher risk, no matter how much one drinks.