Incoming Commissioner Ross on Police Changes, Stop-and-Frisk and More

What will change with the Philadelphia Police Department next year, when Richard Ross steps in to replace Charles Ramsey as Commissioner after eight years? Ross talked about that in an interview with Fox 29's Bill Anderson on #Fox29weekend.

"It's not so much what's the difference between him and I, as much as what we will do different," Ross said. "We have to do more messaging... both in community and amongst the rank-and-file, explaining what we do better and why we do it."

"Men and women in this department do some great things. We answer about three million calls for service every year."

Ross was also asked about stop-and-frisk, and Mayor-Elect Kenney's vow to eliminate the tactic.

"We have to do it by the law- reasonable suspicion. I will tell you we never really use that term within the police department- we do pedestrian investigations all the time- we need to do them constitutionally, and fairly, and ensure that people are treated with respect, and we need to continue to do that. And I think people need to know that there are safeguards in place."

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