Mayor Kenney welcomes federal support to combat rising violence in city

An increase in Philadelphia shootings has local officials trying to find timely and cost effective solutions.

The Olney Transportation Center on Broad is now filled with people coming and going, which is a significant difference from February, when three shooters raked the area with gunfire and left eight wounded.

Marion Wright of North Philadelphia says she when she boards a bus to her home at night, she is fearful of crime.

"I sit on the porch every now and then, but I don’t stay out there too long," she said. "At night I hear the gunshots around the back of my house."

The rise in shootings in Philadelphia and other major cities has prompted President Biden to address the violence. He says he wants city officials grappling with gun violence to share ideas with their counterparts in other urban centers.

He plans to target gun dealers who willingly sell to illegal buyers, and urges leaders to use pandemic relief funds to stop the bloodshed.

"Cities experiencing increasing gun violence are able to use American Rescue Plan dollars to hire police officers needed for community policing and to pay overtime," Biden said.

After a ground breaking for a new building, Mayor Jim Kenney welcomed any support police can offer to bolster the 155 million dollars city leaders have agreed to spend on violence, but isn’t certain about hiring more officers on that pay.

"I can’t tell you for sure but probably not, it’s not sustainable. You don’t hire police for a year, don’t hire them for two. You hire them for 20," he said.



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