Indecent exposure suspect caught on surveillance in Newark Acme

Newark Police are looking for a man they say exposed himself to a grocery store worker Sunday night

News of what allegedly happened has shoppers concerned because after he committed the lewd act he got away.

"Actually I'm surprised," said Shadi and her friend Miriam Golbazi. They say it changes the way they feel about the place they shop at every week.

"I may not come here again maybe if I see something like that. I'd call the police for sure," said Golbazi. Police say it happened at the Acme in the College Square Shopping Center in Newark, Delaware around 9:30 Sunday night. An employee was in the freezer section when she turned around to find the man standing there.

"There was a male standing with his pants halfway down to his thighs with his genitals exposed," said Sergeant Gerald Bryda. He says the woman quickly ran off to call police but her phone wasn't turned on and in the time it took to power it up the man took off. Investigator say surveillance video showed the man lurking inside the store.

"We noticed that he had been milling around the store for about an hour. He didn't buy anything so we believe he was possibly in there trying to target someone to expose himself," said Sergeant Bryda.

We showed the picture of the suspect to shoppers as they left the store this evening.

"Hopefully they do catch him because I bring my kids here with me when I shop," said Kim Blake. Another shopper Nedra Handy agreed.

"I hope they catch him. He deserves everything he gets. I'm serious. That's disgusting," she said.

Police say workers in the Acme don't recall seeing the suspect in or outside the store before.

They've posted his picture on Newark Police Department's Facebook page so shoppers will be on the lookout.

"You got a lot of college students and you have a lot of families that come here so obviously that's not something we want in our neighborhood," said Mike Turner as he left the store with a young child.

Police point out the man was wearing sunglasses inside the store at night and workers told police his clothes looked dirty.