Indianapolis officer rescues newborn puppes from freezing dumpster

An Indianapolis police officer responded to call late Saturday, where he found a trash bag full of puppies in the middle of a storm.

"I heard a little puppy cry and then it stopped…so I start searching through bags of trash," said officer Charleswood.

In one of the bags, left inside a dumpster, was seven newborn puppies.

"I took them one at a time back to the car and wrapped them in the jacket and cranked the heat up in my car," the officer said.

Officer Charleswood found the puppies, but says he doesn't want any of the credit.

"Another officer, Kelly Chapel, had sent me a message and said, hey I contacted every dog counts rescue group, she's absolutely willing to take them," he said.

He's passing that credit onto Tara Harris, who runs every dog rescue.

Harris took the puppies in Saturday, staying up all night to bottle feed them.

"I think they were probably just born that day, when you found them," said Harris.

After just three day, Harris said the pups are doing very well.

"I think it's inspiring to see that will to live, too, they're fighting to survive," Harris said.

The puppies' eyes aren't open yet, and their breed is still unclear. But they already have quite the story to tell. It's a story that's hard to believe, knowing someone put them in a trash bag.

Harris hopes it will serve to show there are rescues out there that can help.

As for officer Charleswood, he's glad to see they're doing alright. At home, he has two rescues waiting for him.

Now, Charleswood is considering adopting one of the pups as his own.

"It's possible, I'm going to leave it at a possibility right now," said the officer. "You've seen these puppies in their worst time and you would like to see them get to the point where they're raised up, nice, healthy, happy dogs."