Inspiration and helping others is behind young Philly entrepreneur's creation of a clothing brand

A young Philadelphia entrepreneur is using his clothing brand to help his family and inspire others, for goodness’ sake.

"You can, all you’ve got to do is believe in yourself and just put your mind to it and, if you really want to do it, then keep doing that," Syaire Green Winslow remarked.

It’s a simple mindset that most want to have. But, in the case of Syaire, his idea for a clothing brand comes from a special place.

"My mom has been through a lot. Seeing her struggle, seeing her go through a lot of things made me want to do better in life," Syaire stated.

Taking care of his mother is what drives Syaire. And, that's pretty remarkable when Syaire is only 11.

"You never want to see your kids see you struggle, but it’s only been me and him and he seen me go through a lot of ups and downs and crying. I couldn’t hide it from him, so, I guess that strengthens him," mom Tyler explained.

Tyler describes herself as a single mother from a young age. She also admits to battling mental health challenges in the past that drove Syaire to grow up fast, but also gave her a reason to push on.

If it wasn’t for my son, I probably wouldn’t be here, but I stayed strong. I stayed faithful and now I’m here talking to you and we’re making sales and we’re starting our own brand, so that’s what strong means to me," Tyler explained.

Syaire started his own brand called "Strong." He hopes his new clothing brand will help him be there, not only for his mother, but for others facing challenges.

"I decided to do this because there’s been ups and downs in me and my mom’s life. So, basically, I just wanted to create this brand. We stayed strong and that’s why I wanted to create this brand "Strong." I just wanted her to make sure she knows that I’m always there for her and I will always be by her side, no matter what happens," Syaire explained.

They hope that the "Strong" logo on everything from skateboards to masks will inspire people, no matter what age.

"There’s a lot of kids that are struggling that don’t have parents in their life. There are other adults that are probably going through something, but I feel like you just have to stay strong. You are strong, even if you don’t see it. You just have to believe. Don’t give up," commented Tyler.

And, if the brand doesn’t take off, at least Syaire has shown others that pursuing dreams for the right reasons is always a good thing.

"Who should be wearing your "Strong" clothes," asked FOX 29’s Bill Anderson.

"Everybody! Because, I know you guys have ups and downs in your life and you just need to stay strong," exclaimed

Stay strong…for goodness’ sake.



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