Internal affairs investigation underway after video surfaces of arrest in North Philly

What happened on a local street moments after police pulled a driver over? Police won't say much, but witnesses and the driver say it got out of hand-- ending with a taser.

32-year-old Felek McCrae says his black eye and taser marks are the result of a "brutal" arrest by police Monday evening.

"Do you believe you resisted arrest?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. McCrae replied, "No, I got a right to know what I'm being arrested for."

Captured on a cell phone, the images being shared on social media show McCrae on the sidewalk with officers on top. A taser is lowered and fired, according to the video. The video shows an officer is struck and reacts. McCrae rises, but is knocked down by strikes from a baton, according to the video. Another officer can be seen in the video swinging his baton to push back a gathering crowd. McCrae is finally subdued after he claims he was repeated jolted by the taser.

"I had two on my chest--three on my back. I think that's a little too much hit me on my legs and everything," McCrae said.

According to McCrae, the incident began when an officer pulled behind his Mercury and ordered him out of the car with his girlfriend and 3-year-old inside. He claims he protested when he was "not" told what he'd done wrong.

Philadelphia police said after FOX 29 forwarded the video an internal affairs investigation is underway and it will not comment.

McCrae, who court records show has had past contact with the law, was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and other offenses. His girlfriend says she was also charged.Wednesday at mid-day and the arrest was still the talk of 8th and Cumberland where witnesses say the police went too far.

"Too rough for no reason on a female who had nothing to do with anything and a male who had nothing to to with anything," witness Connie Serrano said.

We sent the video to a former state trooper who is now a security consultant. He says he believes the use of force was justified.