Investigators: babysitter charged with child abuse

A Hall County babysitter is faces criminal charges after deputies said a 5-month-old baby left in her care suffered at least four broken bones.

According to investigators, the little girl suffered those injuries over a period of a month while she was in the care of 38-year-old Robin Carter Capulin of Gillsville.

"She suffered four separate injuries which included a fractured tibia, right and left tibia, humerus which is upper arm and femur which is a bone"

At only 5 months old, Baby Ava has already been through so much. Hall County Sheriff's Lt. Scott Ware said he can only explain one of the injuries which is the one to her arm

"It was called a spiral fracture and it would be consistent with someone grabbing and twisting the arm," said Lt. Ware.

Deputies arrested Capulin and charged her with child abuse

"She needs to be out, she's a good person. I've been married to her almost twenty years," said her husband Zeferino Capulin.

He said his wife would never hurt a child, and these past 24 hours have been hard on his family.

"From a scale from 1 to 10 it's a thousand or more. I got my little boy, he's four years old and he doesn't know nothing about this," said Zeferino.

Ava's mother said she doesn't know who hurt Ava, but she knows it happened in the Capulin's home and she wants justice for her daughter.

Investigators are also pointing the finger at Robin Capulin

"She should have known the child had injuries. She failed to notify the mother. She failed to seek medical attention for the child," said Lt. Ware.

Capulin was booked in the Hall County Jail without bond.