'It doesn't deter my plans': High gas prices aren't stopping people from traveling for the holiday

Some people are staying close to home for the July 4th holiday, but according to AAA, a lot of people are on the move for the holiday weekend, even with traffic and high gas prices.

It’s a holiday weekend and a lot of people have plans away from home and, despite the high cost of fuel, they’re going.

John and Chase Miller, all the way from St. Louis, doing a very long father and son road trip.

AAA said it doesn’t appear the higher gas prices, the highest ever for Independence Day road travel, is keeping people from their destinations.


"We went down to Orlando for a few days and from there we decided to come to Philly to check it out and watch the Cardinals play the Phillies and then head home," explained John Miller.

"They will make concessions in other areas to make up for that. Spend on less expensive hotels, dine at less expensive restaurants, curb spending the rest of summer," Jana Tidwell, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson, commented.

"I tried to fill up before the 30th. One of the stations was offering 20 cents off, but I did have to top it off," Suzanne Sudo said. "It doesn’t deter my plans as much as I hate it. Family is family and I’m gonna travel."

AAA reminds people when traveling by automobiles and trying to conserve fuel, travel in off-peak times. Sitting in heavy traffic burns more gas. And, keep the car tuned up.