'It's certainly concerning': Series of vehicle fires under investigation in Kensington

Authorities in Philadelphia are investigating who is responsible for causing at least four cars to go up in flames over the past several weeks.

The latest in a disturbing trend of unsolved vehicle fires happened around 5 a.m. Tuesday on Braddock Street in the city's Kensington sections.

Katelyn Hartsell, a neighbor, said her vehicle that passed down from the late grandmother ignited in a similar fashion a week earlier. 

"It was the last car my grandmother drove before she passed, there was a lot to it," Hartsell said. "To see it go up in flames still makes me really upset."


In late August, two vehicles exploded in flames in the same week on Martha Street, several blocks away from the most recent set of car arsons. 

No suspects have been pubically identified by police. A homeowner on Sepviva Street recently captured a person on a bike setting a trash can on fire.

"It's certainly concerning," Nic Jenkins said. "We would like to get this to stop as quickly as possible for sure."

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Arson and Explosives Task Force and local authorities are investigating the spate of vehicle fires.

"The severity of, like, even if you think things are safe in your area there, it's not," Hartsell said.