Jalen Hurts doppelganger is a student at Drexel University: 'People ask for pictures"

Imagine walking around Philadelphia looking like an Eagles quarterback hailed as a sports hero by the country's most passionate fans.

That's most days for Ronnie Gunter, whose familiar looks have gone viral in a video posted by his girlfriend.

The TikTok captioned, "POV: Your boyfriend looks like Jalen Hurts, and you’re out in Philly," shows countless people coming up to Gunter at a local bar.

However, the Jalen lookalike is actually a Drexel University student from Minnesota, who plays lacrosse.


"Every time I go out and about, I see people doing doubletakes, and have people ask if anyone ever told me I look like Jalen hurts," Gunter said when he stopped by Good Day Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Some people even stop and ask for photos!

But he doesn't mind, telling Alex and Mike that Jalen Hurts isn't a bad guy to be compared to.

The Drexel student is about to graduate next week, but we're sure the attention won't stop any time soon with his video garnering millions of views, and even a comment from the Eagles!.