Judge withholds ruling on Meek Mill's request for new trial

A Pennsylvania judge says she'll rule in "due time" after a hearing Monday to determine whether rapper Meek Mill should get a new trial in his decade-old gun and drug convictions.

Several hundred fans turned out to support Meek Mill back in court hoping that Judge Genece Brinkley would agree to recuse herself from the case or give the rapper a new trial. Neither happened yet. One of Meek Mill's attorneys telling the judge, "Your conduct has created an appearance of impropriety." The judge responding, "We're not here for that. The Supreme Court already addressed that."

The hearing then turned to a new trial. Both the DA and the defense agree a new trial is warranted, saying that key testimony in Meek Mill's first trial came from a corrupt former cop. A defense expert testifying that when both sides agree to a new trial a judge always signs off on it.

Judge Brinkely has refused so far and it got heated at times. At one point, in the middle of the hearing, she said, referring to the case, "We already know it's going to another court." Defense attorney Brian McMonagle jumped up and yelled, "You've already made up your mind?" At another point, the defense accused of judge of laughing.

There was no decision on the new trial Monday.

"I just got up here today to thank you for coming out here to support me. And supporting the other men and brothers caught up in the system the same. And I just want to say thank you all and I appreciate everything," Meek Mill said.

Meek Mill left passed out a handful of hundred dollar bills as he left.