Judges allows pop-up voting event at Subaru Park

A judge ruled a three-day pop-up voting event will be allowed this weekend at Subaru Park in Chester.

“It’s a location where people can feel safe. It’s outdoors, lots of space, it’s open on a Sunday," William Martin said.

The Delaware County solicitor reacting to the judge's decision. The event will allow people to register, check their ballot status, and even fill out their mail-in ballot on site. 


“It’s the county’s objective that we want to expand the franchise so that the people who have registered to vote have the greatest possible opportunity to vote," Martin said.

An attorney representing a group of area Republicans went to court to block the event sponsored by the Philadelphia Union and Delaware City Council, calling the event unnecessary. 

“There is already a brick and mortar if you will a voter service satellite center in Chester," attorney Joel Frank said.

Opponents also say the pop-up election center was announced with very little public notice and not offered anywhere else. 

"There's multiple ways to go ahead and vote, including simply placing it in a mailbox. So the fact that they are trying to go ahead and have this one specific location to the exclusion of all other locations in Delaware County you can read into that as you will," Frank said.

The Democratic lead Delco Council says helping get out the vote shouldn't be about politics. 

“The one thing that all of these cases have in common is they are seeking to limit and reduce the ability to vote," Martin said.


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