Juneteenth 2024: Philadelphia comes together to celebrate freedom

Juneteenth is the day we commemorate the end of slavery in America.

It was back on June 19th,1865, when the last enslaved people in our country found out they were free.

There were celebrations held across the region, including a Philly Juneteenth Street takeover.

People from all over came together outside the African American Museum in Philadelphia to enjoy music from hip-hop duo Kid ‘n Play, food, African-inspired vendors, activities and of course, the feeling of freedom.

"The freedom to express yourself, freedom to be free people, that’s what we are celebrating," says Tashan Thornton, of South Philly.

A sense of freedom and unity that Casey Potter wanted her daughter Neriah to see on full display.

"Juneteenth is just a great experience with other people, other Black people but also people of all races," she explained.

"I mean, it’s the culture," says Donnie Thompson, of North Philadelphia.

Culture that Thompson and his kids showcased through their dance moves.

"We travel all around the world. We spread positivity to the youth," says Thompson.

To the youth and even those a little older.

"A positive event. Got a lot of role models out here, to realize that slavery is deceased, slavery is dead," says Jeffery A. Pinckney.

This special event is also a reminder to the city, that despite our differences, we can all come together as one.

"We just had Odunde, we just had the Roots Picnic. For me, this is every weekend in Philadelphia. It’s this," says Ernest Rouse, of Philadelphia.

Tauheed Hood says, "This day, right here, puts everything on pause for us to stop and better ourselves. Hopefully this day, we can stay like this the remainder of the year."