Kamala Harris visits Pennsylvania to highlight abortion rights as 2024 election issue

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - MAY 01: Vice President Kamala Harris speaks about Florida’s new 6-week abortion ban during an event at the Prime Osborn Convention Center on May 01, 2024 in Jacksonville, Florida. During the speech, Vice President Harris spoke

Vice President Kamala Harris and Abbott Elementary actress Sheryl Lee Ralph partnered up for a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Wednesday to address voters about abortion rights.

"Do you not trust women to know what is in their own best interest? You some, some legislators in some state capital, the majority of whom are not women, are in a better position to tell her what she should do. Well, and but see, we are going to vote and we're going to show them that, yes, that we see what's happening."

She singled out former President Donald Trump for the weakening of women's reproductive rights as she worked to inspire voters to come out and vote in the crucial swing state.

"We are going to vote and we're going to show them that we see what's happening," said Harris to crowd at a campaign rally about reproductive freedoms at Salus University in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Vice President Kamala Harris is focusing her campaign on abortion rights as the election year begins, planning a nationwide series of events as Democrats try to rally voters to give President Joe Biden a second term and regain full control of Congress.

This is her third visit to Pennsylvania this year.