Kensington grandmother creates safe space for kids

Kensington is known as a low-income area where many struggle with drug use. However, a grandmother from the neighborhood is working to make it a safe place for young kids.

"With all the negativity we hear about certain neighborhoods, it's easy to forget that most are filled with good people in some tough circumstances," said FOX 29's Bill Anderson. "And that's exactly what I saw on Swanson Street."

Anderson was referring to Mariana Bernard, a grandmother living on that street that closes it off from traffic to make it a safe space for the kids there. Since the area lacks parks and other places for the kids to play, she provides that for them.

Every day, Bernard plays with the kids, watches them to make sure they're safe, and feeds them lunch and snacks.

"We have fun," said one little girl. "That's all that matters."

The efforts are greatly appreciated by kids on the block who get a chance to be kids even with a lack of places to go in their neighborhood.