Kitten Found Abandoned in Alleyway with a Heartbreaking Note Attached to it

A kitten was left in a box on a street with a note attached to it reading, "My mommy's boyfriend is mean to me. Desperet (sic) for loving home."

It was discovered by a woman walking her dog and was brought to the Meow Cat Rescue based in Kirkland, Washington.

This was the note...and this is the kitten. A woman was walking down the street with her dog and saw the box, no...

"Her dog sniffed the box with interest and her intuition told her to check it out. When she lifted the flap, she found the note, written by a child pleasing for someone to help a kitten who was being mistreated," Meow Cat Rescue wrote in their Facebook post about the discovery.

The kitten is now said to be in good health and in foster care.

Now concerns have risen over the safety of the child who left the note, and Facebook users everywhere are looking into the situation.