Kittens rescued in Tennessee may lose eyes, rescue says

Several kittens rescued in Tennessee may lose their eyes. (Credit: True Rescue)

Multiple kittens may lose their eyes after being rescued in Tennessee, a rescue organization said. 

True Rescue in Mt. Juliet said over the Memorial Day weekend, workerse were in three different counties conducting rescue operations. 

In Bedford county, workers took in four urgent kittens and they will likely lose an eye. 

The next case, two abandoned puppies were rescued after recently being born. One received emergency care after a possible prolapsed anus. 

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The third case, involved rescuing 17 cats from a property that had seemed to become a dumping ground for the animals. The rescue said all but one had suffered serious upper respiratory infections, and many of them will potentially lose their eye. The property had about 45 cats and kittens, and the rescue said they will return to retrieve the others. 

"Our emotions have taken a beating, to say the least," the rescue posted on Facebook.  "We saw tiny kittens trying to survive in tough conditions, with zero eyesight, causing them to just freeze in place, waiting for help or death, whichever arrives first. For many, we were too late."

The charity organization said it's currency raising money to help with medical expenses. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.