Kylie Kelce delivers emotional speech for Cabrini University's final commencement

Kylie Kelce returned to her alma mater this weekend in a milestone moment for both the Philadelphia favorite and the university she once called "home."

"My husband, Jason Kelce, is known for giving some pretty Earth-shattering speeches. He did not help me with writing my words today, so lower those expectations," Kylie joked as she spoke to undergraduate students, their families and staff during Cabrini University's final commencement on Saturday.

Opened in 1957, the university announced last June that it would close and sell its property to nearby Villanova University upon the conclusion of the academic year.

Kylie, who graduated from Cabrini in 2017, was hand-picked by the university to be one of the final commencement speakers.


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During her speech, she addressed the most common question posed to students after graduation, "What's next?"

"'I don't know' can be an honest and sufficient answer," she said. "The truth is that no one has their lives completely figured out. And if someone tells you otherwise, they are lying."

She encouraged the Class of 2024 to embark on their next journey in life by "being unique," stating how important it is to stay true to your authentic self.

"Find the things that speak to you. Your enthusiasm can be channeled to create change, and you are wonderful the way you are."


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In an emotional moment, Kylie addressed her former university's impending closure.

"This was home, and this was where you found your extended family," she said. "In the next few months, as the sign at the front entrance no longer reads Cabrini, and a new school moves in, know that your home still exists."